Welcome! My name is Bree. I am a word nerd who loves to adventure both on and off the page.

My life is a work in progress, currently still in the first draft phase, but it usually involves books, story, and creating things. I’ve worked in a bookstore, written for an online local news site, majored in English literature in college (no regrets), helped plan a writers conference, worked at a book publishing house, and started a small photography business.

I am currently on a new adventure: I’m taking a six-month creative sabbatical! The goal is to reset, learn, explore, volunteer, create, and write. Follow on my blog and social media to see what I’m doing and learning with this time off.

I’ve always loved reading. As a child, my summer evenings were spent in ancient Egpyt, a magical castle, or on a different planet. I remember one summer night when all the nighborhood kids were outside playing a multi-yard game of kick-the-can. I could hear them from the open living-room window, but I was fully emersed in an excellent book (involving dragons, I believe). A neighbor boy ran up to the window and tried to get me to play. I said no, and he sneeringly called me a bookworm. My ten-year-old self had no idea that was supposed to be an insult. It wasn’t until years later that I realized he was being mean. At the time, I just nodded and went back to my book.

My love of reading evolved into an overall appreciation for words. I don’t have stories I wrote as a child hidden in drawers anywhere. When I did start writing a story it usually ended after a page and has since been lost to time. But a love of words was there.

In college I took as few creative writing classes as possible. I did take a creative nonfiction class, where I encountered some of the creative writing people. It didn’t go well: I told a girl who wanted to be a novelist that she should have a backup plan.

Funny how life works. Here I am, writing a novel and starting a blog. Apologies to the girl from my creative non-fiction class.

Let’s Talk Words.

This blog is…

  • Joys and stresses of living a noveling life
  • Quirky book history
  • Navigating writing advice
  • Little things like grammar, plot, dialogue, character, etc.
  • The whys and hows of the English language
  • Scary things like publishing
  • Book design


To explore novel writing, from the first spark of an idea to navigating the world of publishing.

To share as I learn and experience the noveling life.

To write, and encourage others to write as well.