What I See and Do

Washington, D.C.

Solo roadtrip to Washington, D.C. in August. I visited 9 museums in D.C. and stopped at Gettysburg on the way home. Favorite museum: a tie between the Library of Congress and the National Museum of the American Indian. I also biked to many of the monuments along the National Mall and survived the August heat. 

Growth moment: Figuring things out even when its difficult (got lost after parking, and wandered around DC in the dark with all my luggage); Learning an enormous amount in the museums; My limit is three museums a day before everything looks the same.

Writing Retreat

Went on a writing retreat! I spent three days in at a cabin in Michigan’s remote upper peninsula for the sole purpose of starting my novel. I exceeded my goal of writing 5,000 words and was able to nail down some major story lines.

Camping (July)

I went camping with friends at Tahquamenon Falls state park. We swam in Lake Superior, went under waterfalls, ate s’mores, and laughed a lot!